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As individual as the design of each single wine decanter of the Zieher brand is, all these carafes have one thing in common: their extraordinary design always consistently follows the function - in other words, »form follows function« at its best. With »Doppio«, »Star«, »Eddy« and »Pebble«, the wine is not only given a sensational visual appearance. Above all, these decanters are capable of helping the wine to a new dimension of taste.

»Doppio« offers the wine a double stage for its appearance. The wine is distributed on two levels inside the decanter. This surface expansion gives the wine much more contact with oxygen than in a conventional decanter. With »Star«, a glass star located in the decanter creates a similar effect: when the wine is swirled in the »Star«, the rays of the star gently lift a fine film of oxygen under the wine, allowing it to develop magnificently on its own. The decanter »Eddy« has small glass cones on its inner sides. They also ensure optimum aeration of the wine when the decanter is swiveled in a circular motion. Even more so in breathtaking time, because within a few seconds the wine can unfold here in a way that corresponds to an oxidation process that would otherwise take several hours. At first glance, »Pebble« does not show its sophisticated interior. Here, three wells integrated into the base perform an additional aeration function. They swirl the wine during pouring and swirl and supply it with oxygen.

You will find a detailed product description directly in the respective article. Also further information about the wine accessories, such as the wine glass lid »Tesoro«, you will find at the individual products in our Porzellantreff store. And in the section  »Wine Glasses Vision« we present to you the innovative wine glass collection of the brand Zieher.

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11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Care Instructions Decanter

Decanters and wine carafes with the narrow neck are a bit more complex to clean and care for. Even decanters with »inner workings« such as the Zieher wine decanters »Star«, »Eddy«, and »Doppio« require the right cleaning method. The advantage here is that the decanters mentioned are made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This type of glass, which is also used to manufacture laboratory glass, has a very smooth and repellent surface. Even heavily colored red wine only leaves its mark here after a long period of use. If this is the case, discoloration and deposits can be easily removed with a mixture of water and citric acid: Place in the decanter, leave on for about two hours and rinse out.