Shipping costs & shipping restrictions

For items of the following terms for shipping are valid:

Shipping within Germany on bill, prepayment, credit card, PayPal and Sofortüberweisung:

Your order is packed carefully and fondly so you do not get a pile of shards receiving your order. Please understand that we do not share the delivery costs on all items of but charge them to the particular customer. Therefore we charge a shipping flat rate of € 4,90 on orders up to an order value of € 49,99. From an order amount of € 50,00 the shipping is free of shipping costs.

For orders to overseas separate conditions are valid:

For many countries we charge a package price for the shipping of your order. You can take it from the chart below. This package price depends on the quantity of packages of your order and doesn't depend on the total order amount and includes all shipping, packing, service fees and preparing of accompanying and customs documents.

Import duties and taxes are imposed by the relevant import and customs shall be borne by the recipient. These depend on the import regulations of the receiving country. For more information, please ask your responsible customs office.

Please keep the references to our general terms and conditions for shipping in non-EU countries in mind.

Diagram of shipping costs:

CountryShipping costs
Albania € 29,90 per package
Argentina € 99,90 per package
Armenia € 79,90 per package
Australia € 149,90 per package
Austria € 19,90 per package
Azerbaijan € 69,90 per package
Bahrain € 119,90 per package
Belarus € 39,90 per package
Belgium € 19,90 per package
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 34,90 per package
Brazil € 149,90 per package
Bulgaria € 21,90 per package
Canada € 99,90 per package
Cape Verde € 99,90 per package
Chile € 149,90 per package
China € 99,90 per package
Colombia € 149,90 per package
Croatia € 24,90 per package
Cyprus € 24,90 per package
Czech Republic € 19,90 per package
Denmark € 19,90 per package
Ecuador € 149,90 per package
Egypt € 69,90 per package
Estonia € 24,90 per package
Finland € 21,90 per package
France € 19,90 per package
Georgia € 49,90 per package
Ghana € 149,90 per package
Germany € 4,90 (free shipping from € 50,00)
Great Britain € 21,90 per package
Greece € 24,90 per package
Hong Kong € 99,90 per package
Hungary € 22,90 per package
Iceland € 39,90 per package
India € 79,90 per package
Ireland € 24,90 per package
Israel € 49,90 per package
Italy € 21,90 per package
Japan € 99,90 per package
Kazakhstan € 49,90 per package
Kyrgyzstan € 79,90 per package
Latvia € 24,90 per package
Lebanon € 69,90 per package
Liechtenstein € 44,90 per package
Lithuania € 21,90 per package
Luxembourg € 19,90 per package
Malaysia € 99,90 per package
Malta € 24,90 per package
Mexico € 99,90 per package
Moldova € 29,90 per package
Monaco € 19,90 per package
Mongolia € 99,90 per package
Montenegro € 39,90 per package
Netherlands € 19,90 per package
New Zealand € 149,90 per package
North Macedonia € 39,90 per package
Norway € 39,90 per package
Peru € 149,90 per package
Poland € 19,90 per package
Portugal € 24,90 per package
Qatar € 99,90 per package
Romania € 24,90 per package
Russia € 59,90 per package
San Marino € 24,90 per package
Saudi Arabia € 99,90 per package
Serbia € 39,90 per package
Singapore € 99,90 per package
Slovakia € 22,90 per package
Slovenia € 22,90 per package
South Africa € 149,90 per package
South Korea € 79,90 per package
Spain € 22,90 per package
Sweden € 21,90 per package
Switzerland € 26,90 per package
Taiwan € 79,90 per package
Thailand € 99,90 per package
Turkey € 69,90 per package
Ukraine € 39,90 per package
Unit Arab Emirates € 99,90 per package
United States of America (USA) € 69,90 per package
Uzbekistan € 79,90 per package
Vatican City € 19,90 per package
Venezuela € 149,90 per package

Delivery times

How long does shipment take?

It might take up to 5 days from receiving your order and packing your order of items on stock, depending on weekends and holidays. Additionally, this time are the delivery periods of our shipping partners.

There is no shipping on weekends and holidays.

Also, respect the delivery time of our shipping partner. For items not in stock, the general delivery times of the suppliers are valid. Under certain circumstances, they can take up to a few weeks.

For urgent orders within Germany we offer express delivery on items on stock. You will find details to express delivery here.

Do you also ship overseas?

Yes, we do ship to foreign countries. Please find the quoted countries in our diagram of shipping costs.

For deliveries outside Germany, the following periods are the delivery times which are indicated on the supply side added to:

CountryTime to delivery
Albania 7-14 days
Argentina 10-28 days
Australia 10-28 days
Austria 7-14 days
Azerbaijan 10-28 days
Bahrain 7-14 days
Belarus 10-28 days
Belgium 7-14 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina 7-14 days
Bermuda 10-16 days
Brazil 10-28 days
Bulgaria 7-14 days
Canada 10-28 days
Cape Verde 10-28 days
Chile 7-14 days
China 10-28 days
Colombia 10-28 days
Croatia 7-14 days
Cyprus 7-14 days
Czech Republic 7-14 days
Denmark 10-28 days
Ecuador 10-28 days
Egypt 10-28 days
Estonia 7-14 days
Finland 7-14 days
France 7-14 days
Georgia 7-14 days
Ghana 10-28 days
Greece 7-14 days
Great Britain 10-28 days
Hungary 7-14 days
Hong Kong 7-14 days
Iceland 7-14 days
India 10-28 days
Ireland 7-14 days
Israel 10-28 days
Italy 7-14 days
Japan 10-28 days
Kazakhstan 10-28 days
Kyrgyzstan 10-28 days
Latvia 7-14 days
Lebanon 10-28 days
Liechtenstein 10-28 days
Lithuania 7-14 days
Luxembourg 7-14 days
Malaysia 10-28 days
Malta 7-14 days
Mexico 10-28 days
Moldova 7-14 days
Monaco 10-28 days
Mongolia 10-28 days
Montenegro 10-28 days
New Zealand 10-28 days
Netherlands 7-14 days
North Korea 10-28 days
North Macedonia 7-14 days
Norway 10-28 days
Peru 10-28 days
Poland 7-14 days
Portugal 7-14 days
Qatar 10-28 days
Romania 7-14 days
Russia 10-28 days
San Marino 10-28 days
Saudi Arabia 10-28 days
Serbia 10-28 days
Sweden 7-14 days
Switzerland 10-28 days
Singapore 10-28 days
Slovakia 7-14 days
Slovenia 7-14 days
Spain 7-14 days
South Africa 10-28 days
South Korea 10-28 days
Taiwan 10-28 days
Thailand 7-14 days
Turkey 10-28 days
Ukraine 10-28 days
Vatican City 10-28 days
Venezuela 10-28 days
United Arab Emirates 10-28 days
United States of America 10-28 days
Uzbekistan 7-14 days

Is an express delivery possible?

All in-stock items can be shipped via express delivery within Germany. Therefore following terms are valid:

  • Dissenting the other terms the shipping costs for express delivery are € 14,90 per package
  • Express delivery is bonded to the payment methods credit card, Sorfortüberweisung and PayPal
  • You can choose express delivery in step 3 of your order
  • Orders until 01:00 pm are going to be delivered on the next work day till 12:00 am
  • Saturday delivery is included
  • Orders from Saturday and Sunday are going to be delivered on Tuesday
  • Orders from holidays are going to be delivered the next work day

Important additional information:

  • The final amount of your packages can be numbered not before packing your order. According to this we will charge the actual delivery costs later
  • Only possible within Germany (except German islands)
  • We do not guarantee the delivery at due date and cannot be held liable
  • Express delivery costs will not be repaid when returning an order.

Do I have to pay multiple shipping costs in orders with several packages?

For deliveries within Germany you just pay a flat price, independent of the amount of packages or the order value.

For deliveries outside of Germany is due the unit price per package.

Is part-shipping possible?

Yes, for orders within Germany part-shippings are possible. If your order contains items which are on stock and items with an estimated delivery time of multiple weeks, we offer you to ship the items on stock earlier. Therefore, you just need to choose part-shipping as your shipping option. Part-shipping is free, which means you online pay shipping costs once.

How do I get informed about my order status?

In your order acknowledgement we will give you an estimated shipping date. As soon as your package is shipped, you will get an email including your tracking number. With this code you can track your package on In case there is a delay of shipping caused by the supplier, we will inform you in due time before the estimated delivery date is reached.

Can I return goods and who bears the costs?

Of course, you can send back products. Please refer to our Return Policy for further information on returning products.

What payment options do I have?

Please find all information on our page payment options.