Asia meets Italy: »Coppa« by ASA SELECTION is an Asian-inspired design with an Italian name. Coppa, which means mug in Italian, because all the hollow pieces in the collection are derived from the archetype of a mug. The series is limited to a few multifunctional items: there are plates, mugs with and without handles, and various bowls. The focus of the tableware is the teapot: the Kuro, Minto, Nori, and Sencha series include a teapot with a wooden handle, each of which is available in two different sizes. The pots all have a precisely fitting tea strainer made of stainless steel, which leaves plenty of room for the tea leaves to steep.

New effect glazes are used in the manufacture of this ASA porcelain series. Each part has an individual appearance, looks hand-made, and is unique.

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