Crockery in all its variety

Whether you enjoy the culinary delights conjured up in the kitchen as a couple or with family and friends - the crockery used always has a major influence on the food served. Since the invention of porcelain, the masters of the art of designing tableware and coffee sets have been creative, designing numerous functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing dining sets, including practical accessories.

In addition to normal dinner plates in different shapes, you will find attractive fish plates from well-known brands to go with your combination service in this category. Pasta plates are a must in a well-stocked household, as are beautifully shaped casserole dishes in which gratins are served straight from the oven. If a cold buffet is planned for a special occasion, serving platters made of high-quality porcelain are indispensable.

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Beautiful crockery stimulates the appetite

The food should appeal to the eye as well. The tableware designers take this old adage to heart with every porcelain series and do not reduce tableware to its functionality, but rather combine practical function and attractive design into a harmonious whole. Whether the decision falls on Villeroy and Boch crockery or on one of the many other well-known manufacturers of porcelain crockery. A crockery set of up to 30 pieces must meet your individual requirements.

In order to serve food perfectly, the right plate is of great importance. Fish is served on special fish plates that have an elongated shape. Large and deep plates are required for pasta in order to avoid the visual impression of an overcrowded plate. Finger food or small cakes are optimally presented on a cake stand. Villeroy and Boch crockery offers the perfect serving platter, the right plate, or a warmer in a clear design for every meal. You will find a large selection of coffee services, espresso cups, and many other specials for perfect coffee enjoyment for stylish espresso enjoyment.

Accessories for the set table

The various accessories that are required for sauces, salads, or desserts play an important role in a carefully laid table. These functional parts are available to match the crockery set or are used to set individual accents. In addition to practical breakfast sets, there are also attractive jam jars for the breakfast table, in which honey or other sweet spreads can also be neatly served. Shapely milk cans conjure up a special atmosphere on the table. The set table is perfectly set with an attractive sauce boat and shapely butter dishes.