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Heater - keep food and drinks warm in style

Even if comparable parts already existed in antiquity - they experienced their breakthrough at the end of the 19th century in the New York luxury hotel Waldorf Astoria. In this way, it was possible for the first time to prepare dishes for prominent guests directly at the table.

Named after the French term for reheating, the Rechauds have meanwhile also become very popular in German-speaking countries. Rechauds are now quite common as cookers or warming plates to keep all dishes warm in a decorative way and with a stylish meal. They can also be placed in the immediate vicinity of the table, which avoids having to go to the kitchen.

Heaters used to be mostly made of metal. The heat was supplied with the help of a small kerosene lamp. Today, the rechaud is increasingly also made of porcelain. On the one hand, this is because they can be combined in a chic and harmonious way as part of dinner service, but they are also easier to care for than metal parts.

Rechauds, which emit the required heat with an open flame, are the ideal solution for drinking coffee together, on a menu with several courses, or at the brunch buffet.

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1 Item(s)