Bottle stoppers

The right bottle cap for every bottle

Bottle caps are not only useful but also decorative kitchen utensils and are an indispensable tool to prevent the contents of a half-full bottle from spoiling. The mechanisms of the bottle stoppers are also different depending on the supplier or designer. Some bottle caps are real works of art. A wine bottle stopper closes a wine bottle as airtight as possible to protect the good drop.

Beverage bottles should not be left open in the fridge. The contents of unsealed bottles quickly absorb foreign odors. Opened wine also attracts unloved fruit flies, which find every opening, no matter how small. For all cases, we offer the right, functional bottle caps in our range, which you can choose according to your personal taste.

A beautiful bottle stopper with a gemstone is also a great gift for a good bottle of wine. A dowry gift made of elegant glasses, crockery, or cutlery can be enhanced with a high-quality stainless steel bottle stopper.

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1 Item(s)