ASA SELECTION »Kolibri by Tim Raue«

The celadon-colored porcelain collection ASA SELECTION »Kolibri by Tim Raue« was created in collaboration between star chef Tim Raue and ASA SELECTION. Raue is one of the best-known and best chefs in Germany and has also made a name for himself internationally: his restaurant of the same name in Berlin »Tim Raue« is the only German restaurant to be included in the »World's 50 Best Restaurants«. It is currently rated with two Michelin stars and five Gault Millau toques.

Asian-inspired cuisine is served in Raue's restaurant, and the exotic menus are also reflected in the ASA series »Kolibri by Tim Raue«. The porcelain is not pure white, but shimmers seductively in a light blue-green. This delicate hue makes the dishes arranged on the tableware appear as if they were floating; it lends a certain lightness to the dishes offered and allows them to be shown off to their best advantage. »Kolibri« is also the name of a menu that is served in the Tim Raue restaurant. This menu combines dishes that have helped to write Raue's success story. The latest creations are called »Koi« – just like the second porcelain series by Raue & ASA.

Of course, the »Kolibri collection by Tim Raue«  is not only suitable for creations of top gastronomy: let yourself be inspired and treat yourself to a professional porcelain for your home with ASA SELECTION »Kolibri«, the look of which will inspire you anew every day.

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9 Item(s)