Friesland porcelain - for over 60 years a small piece of northern Germany

Many people have lost their hearts to the land and people of the North. The unmistakable natural charm of the people in the north makes many holidaymakers always happy to return. Tea culture is very important to the people of this region and is still lovingly cultivated. So it is not surprising that Germany's northernmost porcelain factory reflects this lifestyle in its porcelain. Friesland porcelain impresses with its fresh, clear design and is as typical as the country and its people. Timelessly beautiful and natural, Friesland has captured the special soul of the North in its porcelain. In 2015 Friesland celebrates its 60th anniversary.

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Discover the north - discover Friesland porcelain

With its freshness and clarity, Friesland tableware is a declaration of love for the far north. A unique, elegant touch enriches the natural look and is a typical trademark of Friesland. Friesland porcelain impresses with the best quality Made in Germany!

The Ammerland series is one of Friesland's most popular shapes. It impresses with its rustic and natural appearance. Rustic colors take you into the endless expanses of the Nordic landscape. The rounded shapes spread pure country house flair and ensure a relaxed holiday feeling. Due to the special effect glaze, each piece of the collection is unique. Bring a little piece of Friesland home with tableware from the Ammerland series.

The Friesland tea set Chai promises Far Eastern elegance combined with Nordic flair. This tableware lives up to its name, which is the Chinese word for tea. Based on the more than 2000-year-old Chinese tea culture, this Friesland crockery offers simple grace. White porcelain complements wonderfully with noble walnut wood in perfect and complete harmony. At the same time, the tableware is timeless due to its subtle tension.

In contrast to the Chai tea service, the Friesland Ecco series is a classic for every day. Balanced shapes and a clear design make the heart of every design lover beat faster. This porcelain Friesland is designed for pure ergonomics, which makes it comfortable to hold. The space required is small because all the dishes can be stacked perfectly inside each other.