Friesland »Atlantis«

»Friesland Atlantis« is perfect for the East Frisian tea ceremony. The eye-catcher of this stylish collection is the nostalgic teapot. The circular shape of the pot offers the tea leaves enough space to develop their delicious aroma when steeping. The tea stays warm for a long time on the matching warmer, and the candlelight creates a cozy atmosphere. The tasteful decors of »Friesland Atlantis« bring the original Frisian attitude to life to the table: Whether »Frisian Blue«»Delfter Blue« and »Teetied« in classic blue or the typical »Ostfriesische Rose« of the service of the same name - all motifs reflect the tradition and reflects the customs of this original northern German region.

There are also suitable items for the coffee table and the cozy dining table at »Friesland Atlantis«: Whether coffee cups and coffee mugs, dinner plates, and soup plates - these dishes accompany you in a good mood throughout the day and meet all requirements.

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