Zieher Wine Glasses »Vision«

 »Vision« is the name of the unique wine glass series that Zieher has developed in close cooperation with Silvio Nitzsche, one of Germany's top sommeliers. In this glass collection, there is no "normal" red wine glass or white wine glass, as is usually the case. The theme of wine enjoyment is approached innovatively, i.e. visionary, and reinterpreted in »Vision«: The wine lover will find so-called theme glasses, whose names already anticipate the essential taste experience: »Fresh«, »Balanced«, »Straight«, »Intense«, »Rich«, »Side« and »Nostalgic«. e.g.: from the glass »Fresh« the wine is perceived as fresh, »Intense« is able to intensify the wine aroma, and in the glass »Straight« the wine is represented one to one. The individual glass skillfully brings out the individual character traits of the wine. A detailed explanation of this can be found directly with the respective glasses in the store. There you will also find a very classic recommendation according to wine and grape varieties.

Zieher crystal glasses »Vision« are handmade according to old glassmaking tradition, in glassblowing houses that are among the best in Europe. Each glass is individually mouth-blown and is therefore unique. Only through many years of experience and the great skill of the glassmakers, the glasses of a series will look alike in every detail. The filigree design, the special shaping, and the special feature of the glasses - their wave-shaped glass-bottom - allow optimal development of the wine aromas. 

In the section »Decanters & Accessories« we present the extraordinary wine decanters of the Zieher brand, as well as gift sets and useful extras such as the wine glass lid »Tesoro«.

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15 Item(s)

15 Item(s)

Care instructions | Zieher »Vision« wine glasses

To preserve the beauty and brilliance of your Zieher wine glasses »Vision« for as long as possible, we recommend gentle cleaning by hand. Cleaning the glasses in the dishwasher is also possible, provided that you please observe the following:

Select the shortest possible rinse program at low temperatures. Use a dishwasher detergent suitable for glasses and adjust the water hardness setting to a range of 4-6 °dH.
Do not leave the glasses in the machine at the end of the rinsing program, but remove them as soon as possible after the program has ended.

Polish your glasses with suitable polishing cloths, made of microfiber or half-linen. Caution: cotton cloths may lint and even leave small scratches.

We recommend the Zieher Glass Polishing Cloth made of microfiber, specially developed for precious glasses. This is available here in the Porzellantreff Shop, under the heading "Zieher Decanters & Accessories".

If possible, use two cloths when polishing. This way, the goblet can be carefully polished from the inside and outside at the same time. When polishing the goblet, never hold the glass by the base and twist it, as this could break the stem.