Thomas »Nature«

Thomas »Nature« - the attraction of this collection lies in its simple form and natural colors. The original material stoneware gives the series a rustic charm. »Nature« looks like it is handmade, and every part is actually glazed by hand. This way, each item has an individual appearance in the trendy craft look. The line structure on plates, bowls and cups, which is based on hand-made models, matches this.

The type of coloring is perfectly coordinated with the collection: Deliberate irregularities and different shades underline the handmade character of »Nature«. The colors are all of natural origin: The color "sand" is a light gray-beige and evokes associations with dunes and sandy beaches. »Water«, a successful mixture of blue and gray, has a calming effect on the viewer. This goes well with »Leaf«, a shade of green that is reminiscent of the slightly silvery shimmering leaves of fresh sage. »Coral« creates a nice contrast - a warm red that brings color to the table and at the same time harmonizes wonderfully with the other colors. All nature colors can be individually combined with one another and look best when mixed.

In addition to the natural look, Thomas »Nature« also has extremely practical and everyday aspects: The high-quality stoneware dishes are dishwasher-safe and suitable for the microwave.

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32 Item(s)

32 Item(s)