Spiegelau »Definition«

The name says it all - with Spiegelau's "Definition" glass series: The term "define" comes from the Latin word for "to demarcate". And the glass brand really does distinguish itself with this innovative collection: Spiegelau has developed a new type of technology with which these thin, machine-made - and thus attractively priced - glasses can be produced. The resulting elegant glasses are extremely light, fit perfectly in the hand and, thanks to their shape, show off the aromas of the wine to their best advantage.

The "Definition" series includes a universal glass, a Burgundy glass, a Bordeaux glass, and a Champagne glass. The Universal glass is suitable for a wide range of wines. Its tall, slender goblet shape is capable of releasing the wine's various aromas, accentuating its fruit, and also balancing the notes in certain reds. In the Burgundy glass, the tulip-shaped glass goblet captures all the nuances of the wine's aroma. The glass is made for light red wines with high acidity and moderate tannins. For medium to full-bodied, complex red wines with high notes content, the Bordeaux glass is recommended. The generously proportioned goblet allows the bouquet to fully develop while smoothing the rough edges of the wine. In Champagne glass, the complex characteristics of the noble beverage can develop optimally. The glasses also have a so-called "sparkling point", a mousse point that allows the dissolved carbon dioxide to bubble up more and ensures optimum perlage.

The Spiegelau crystal glasses "Definition" are dishwasher safe and made in Germany. The glasses are each offered in a set of 2 in an attractive gift box.

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4 Item(s)