Spiegelau »Arabesque«

Glasses from the Spiegelau »Arabesque« series fascinate the viewer with the successful contrast between clear form and playful decor. The filigree motifs - delicate borders with floral ornaments - are created using a traditional method of glass decoration: the so-called pantography process is a combination of engraving and etching techniques. This refinement allows for a high level of detail and enables such graceful decorations as in »Arabesque«. In addition, this glass decoration is permanent and even makes the »Arabesque« crystal glasses dishwasher safe.

The collection includes two red wine glasses - a Bordeaux glass and a Burgundy glass -, a white wine glass, a champagne glass, and a tumbler. The white wine glass, with its capacity of 500 ml, is recommended for popular spritz drinks such as Aperol Spritz and Lillet Spritz. Prosecco and sparkling wine can also be served in the champagne glass. The beaker is suitable for water, juice, and soft drinks. The mug is even ideal for spirits »on the rocks«.

The Spiegelau crystal glasses »Arabesque« are each available in a set of 2. They are available in an attractive gift box that is discreetly decorated with the ornamental pattern of the glasses. A nice gift idea!

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4 Item(s)