Le Creuset 

The French brand Le Creuset is best known for its typically colorful roasters. Today, the company, founded in 1925, is the world market leader for enameled cast iron cookware. Connoisseurs and lovers all over the world appreciate the characteristic cast-iron pans and pots from France.

In the meantime, Le Creuset has successfully expanded its product range around the topics of "Cooking & Baking" and "Kitchen & Table". In addition to the classics made of cast iron, the current collection also includes pots and pans made of aluminum with a non-stick coating, the 3-PLY series made of multi-layer material, and ovenproof stoneware.

The range is rounded off by various kitchen accessories: kettles, salt mills & pepper mills, kitchen gadgets such as cooking ladles and pastry brushes, as well as high-quality corkscrews and wine accessories from the former Screwpull brand, which Le Creuset acquired in the 1990s. What all products have in common are excellent quality and careful processing. The company values origin and tradition, and at the same time combines this with innovative ideas and materials. Here in Porzellantreff, you will find a large selection of items from the Le Creuset brand at reasonable prices.

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The cast iron production | Le Creuset's specialty

Le Creuset's popular enameled cast iron items are manufactured in four steps in its own foundry in northern France. Attention is paid to the highest quality of the cookware and the manufacturing process has been continuously developed and modernized. However, the secret recipe of the materials (iron, steel, glass) has remained unchanged since then.

In step one, two sand molds are made for the desired shape of the Le Creuset product. The raw material is then melted at high temperature in a large cauldron (French: Creuset) and then poured into the mold. After the resulting article has cooled, it is released from the mold and is now ready for further processing.

In the second step, the resulting blank is reworked. This is cleaned and smoothed by hand. Sharp edges and burrs are removed. Then it is prepared for enameling. For this purpose, the blank is bombarded with the smallest metal particles.

The third step is the enameling, which is done in two layers. The second layer is prepared with the first layer, a colorless primer, which is fired at 840°C. The second layer is then applied inside and outside. This first dries in the air before it is made durable, hygienic, and shock-resistant in a further firing process.

Now the product is ready for step four of production, quality control. Here the article is examined and checked by expert eyes. Only products that meet Le Creuset's high-quality standards are sold. Articles with small defects are melted down again and thus further processed.