Gmundner ceramic white flame

The collection Gmundner Ceramic Flamed belongs to the absolute tableware classics worldwide.
Due to its great popularity, it is offered in the color range green, gray, yellow, blue and red. For the ceramic lovers who like it a bit simpler, there is now the option 'Weißgeflammt'.

The white structure of the pattern stands out only subtly from the ground and is therefore tangible by the special child of decoration.

Especially beautiful effects can be achieved by combining White flame with colored articles from this collection. You can create your own individual country house style.

All parts Gmundner Keramik Flamed are unique pieces, as they receive their unmistakable pattern by hand. This particular technique, which is unique in the world, is only used in the Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur. The so-called flaming refers to the application of color by means of a special spraying technique. More than 300 years ago, the triumph of 'Gmundner Keramik Grüngeflammt' began. Since then, the Austrian original has been inspiring connoisseurs around the world.

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34 Item(s)

34 Item(s)