Placemats from ASA SELECTION are - like all collections of the lifestyle brand - not only practical but also extremely attractive! The placemats protect the tabletop or tablecloth from unsightly stains and also look really good on your table. The extensive selection of different designs and numerous colors offers many options: You can consciously set contrasts to the dishes, or make the whole thing very harmonious. Would you like something more colorful for breakfast, and a tone-on tone for the dinner for two? The ASA Table Tops collection offers the right sets for every taste and every situation.

The rectangular version is very classic, with plenty of space for plates and cutlery. Those who prefer something a little more unusual can choose the circular version from the »Leather Optic Fine« series. Coasters are also available here. In the »Vegan Leather« collection, there are also two great cooking aprons that look in no way inferior to real leather. They are much more practical than the original and a clear commitment by the wearer to better animal welfare.

The ASA placemat collections »Table Tops Leather Optic«, »Table Tops PVC«, and »Table Tops Vegan Leather« are made of high-quality plastic or synthetic leather. All of these products are relatively insensitive and easy to care for, as they can be easily cleaned by simply being wiped off with a damp cloth.