ASA SELECTION »Oco«- that is warmly shimmering bone china with an avant-garde design: The modern tableware from the trend label ASA stands for both passion and purism. Because »Oco« combines in an extraordinary way the feminine charisma of the ivory-white material with a simple, straight design language. The result is an innovative gourmet collection for people who appreciate and love authentic things. At the same time, »Oco« is unconventional and follows the spirit of the times, as the collection gets by with just a few multifunctional items. 

The series is available in two versions: in pure cream white »Oco Weiß« and with a fine black line »Oco Ligne Noire«. Both versions can also be perfectly combined with each other. A tip from the manufacturer: If you are looking for items such as jugs, bowls, and plates to complement »Oco«, you will find them in the ASA »A Table« collection: The similarity in the material of the service opens up new possibilities.

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