The »Glass« collection from ASA SELECTION is ideal for serving drinks of all kinds in style. In the past, it was often only high-proof spirits that were stored and served in carafes. In the meantime, the trend is towards also placing non-alcoholic drinks such as table water, mineral water, juices, and spritzers in attractive glass carafes on the table. Homemade iced tea and homemade lemonades come into their own in glass bottles and the corresponding drinking glasses.

And not only at home, but also in business and office areas, you show your taste when you entertain visitors and business partners at conferences with the glass series »Glass Gray« and »Glass Amber«. These hand-blown glasses impress with their subtle coloring and graceful form. Or place the carafe and drinking glass on the desk, in the office, or at the workplace. So drinking water becomes a part of the way of life.

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