Seltmann Weiden Lido

Seltmann Weiden »Lido«

Charming porcelain with a touch of sophistication, this is »Lido« from Seltmann Weiden. This appealing service is suitable for every day and every situation. The round shapes of the cups, coffee pot, sugar bowl, and creamer give the dinnerware a friendly look. This is enhanced by small design details, such as the spherical lid knob on jugs and tureens. The lids with the large round knob are somewhat reminiscent of merry pointed hats. This playful design element in »Lido« also has a practical added value, as it makes it easy to grip the lids, even when the contents are hot.

A little extravagance comes into play with the two different plate shapes: the plates are available in two variants - round and square. The combination of the two shapes on the set table provides excitement and variety. Together with the large range of round bowls and oval plates, culinary delicacies can be skillfully presented. The many additional pieces also make Seltmann Weiden »Lido« multi-talent. Items such as butter dish and butter plate, egg cup, milk, and sugar in several sizes will especially delight breakfast fans and brunch lovers.

Seltmann Weiden's »Lido« is available in Weiß and with a subtle black line as »Lido Black Line«. 

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