Kahla Porcelain

Kahla Porcelain - cult porcelain for the senses

The Thuringian porcelain factory Kahla advertises its products with the catchy slogan: Porcelain for the senses. True to this motto, Kahla porcelain is characterized by individuality, innovations, and multifunctional product design.

Kahla tableware breaks with the rigid table etiquette of bygone times and adapts to one's own living conditions. The enjoyable use of the porcelain comes to the fore without sacrificing style.

With the 'KAHLA pro-Öko' quality seal, Kahla communicates its commitment to sustainability at the Thuringia site: Porcelain is made from natural raw materials, tested for harmful substances, and made in Germany, fairly and socially.

Kahla porcelain can be wonderfully complemented with glasses, cutlery, or table linen from our shop!

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Celebrate your meals with the fresh design of Kahla porcelain

Diversity is the best term to describe the different porcelain series from Kahla. Whether naturally round shapes or striking lines, Kahla has something for everyone.

The TAO shape impresses with its contours and natural shapes. Clear lines underline the design of the Kahla plates, which are available in four different decors. On the other side of the spectrum are the straight lines and erupting corners of the Opus series. The versatile areas of the striking design ensure an attractive play of light and shadow.

You will also find clear shapes in the Kahla tableware Abra Cadabra. Let your creativity run free with this multifunctional porcelain. Here, bowls with lids are transformed into decorative platters or funny coasters. Or combine the various Kahla Abra Cadabra designs into completely new, individual tableware.

Fun children's tableware and festive tables

Plain white is too boring for most children. Kahla counters this fact with lovingly designed children's sets. Dreamlike motifs from the world of animals and fairy tales inspire every child. Kahla plates with Puss in Boots or Hans im Glück make every meal an experience.

Kahla also enriches the contemplative season with his Erzgebirge series. In this series, Kahla combines the classic wood art of the Ore Mountains with modern forms. Well-known Christmas motifs such as nutcrackers, miners, or angels adorn each individual piece. This Kahla porcelain in a festive design fuels anticipation and enriches the pre-Christmas period.