Robbe & Berking Cutlery

Robbe & Berking

Cutlery and table accessories from Robbe & Berking combine masterful craftsmanship with the highest quality and functionality. The collections from the German silversmiths enjoy the best reputation worldwide among connoisseurs and friends of the brand. The company Robbe and Berking was founded in Flensburg in 1874. Today the name of the manufactory stands for one of the most successful luxury brands "made in Germany" and is a seal of quality for fine cutlery and table utensils made of stainless steel and sterling silver.

A lot of traditional craftsmanship, blacksmithing and experience are required in the production of fine silver goods. The sculptural decors of the silver cutlery, for example, only get their beauty through careful hand-sanding and through time-consuming and equally careful polishing by hand. Thanks to a high level of craftsmanship and artistic creativity, exclusive objects are created for people who appreciate something special, such as »Martelé«. The special finishing technique gives these collections their name: Martelé, French for “hammered”, stands for an elaborate hammering technique that only a few silversmiths have mastered in this perfection. The resulting surface has a fascinating structure that reflects light hundreds of times. Menu cutlery, grill and carving sets as well as extraordinary accessories from the »Bar Kollektion« are available in this version. You can find all these items here in our Porzellantreff online shop.