Wedgwood Gio

Gio von Wedgwood is an exceptional collection of fine bone china. The accentuated structure of the design bestows this tableware with a graceful beauty and a touch of noblesse.
Despite its sophisticated appearance, this series is designed for everyday use. Gio accompanies you from breakfast to dinner, is suitable for simple Mediterranean dishes as well as menus from the star kitchen, and is dishwasher and microwave suitable. This tableware cuts a fine figure in the modern country house, sets accents in the modern loft and fits perfectly into any stylish ambience.

Gio works on its own, but can also be combined with other Wedgwood collections. For example, choose the décor variant Arris, giving Gio a sophisticated look.

Fine Bone China is a special kind of porcelain. Characteristic of Fine Bone China is the solid, bright white, transparent material and its brilliant shine.

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26 Item(s)

26 Item(s)