Rosenthal studio-line

Rosenthal studio-line 

Tableware from Rosenthal studio-line stands for the tradition of fine porcelain with a worldwide reputation. Paired with an outstanding variety of shapes, the Rosenthal studio-line crockery is a household name in modern table culture.

The Rosenthal studio-line series was designed by internationally renowned artists and inspire young and old alike. In addition to beautiful porcelain, the Rosenthal studio- line also offers several glasses series, cutlery, vases, and decorative objects.

The high-quality porcelain meets the highest standards. This makes it perfect for everyday use. Rosenthal was founded in 1879. In addition to the Rosenthal studio-line, the company produces luxury and everyday porcelain.

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Rosenthal porcelain is versatile

Immerse yourself in the endless expanse of the Rosenthal studio-line, because the product variety of the Rosenthal studio-line is breathtaking. It doesn't matter what taste you have or which furnishing style dominates in your home - Rosenthal studio-line offers the right thing for everyone: you get beautiful plates, cups, jugs, bowls, and platters. Decorate your dining table again and again or use individual parts from the different series. Because Rosenthal studio-line is extremely easy to combine. Together with beautiful accessories and table decorations, you can create your own personal setting for your meals.

When it comes to selecting your Rosenthal studio-line porcelain, you are already spoiled for choice. Because in the individual series you will find an extensive range of tableware. Depending on the size of your family or circle of friends, select the components from the Rosenthal studio-line separately. Also, consider your taste preferences. If you prefer pasta dishes, deep plates with the appropriate diameter are the right choice. For fish dishes, on the other hand, you need flat plates. Lovers of international tea varieties will be happy about beautiful tea cups.

You can also beautify your home with Rosenthal porcelain. Put your living area in the limelight with decorations from the Rosenthal studio-line. How about vases with an unusual look? No matter what your preferences are when it comes to decorating, Rosenthal porcelain also gives your rooms something very special.