Mugs for coffee with milk

Mugs for coffee with milk or cafe au lait

Coffee with milk tastes best from a tasty bowl specially made for this unique coffee enjoyment. The shape of such bowls is more reminiscent of bowls than of cups. Therefore you will find them in English under the term bowl. In our range, there are milk coffee bowls made of porcelain from different manufacturers.

The manufacturer Villeroy and Boch offer milk coffee bowls in numerous different designs and shapes. If you love to be creative, browse the range of TV milk coffee cups. Each milk coffee bowl is individually shaped and shows a face in different moods.

Choose a smirking, happy, pouting, or even kissing expression and let your family members or co-workers know what mood you're in. This bowl is also ideal as a gift.

19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)