Villeroy & Boch »Toy's Delight«

In Christmas carols, Christmas is often celebrated as the » most wonderful time of the year.« Many people find it to be a truly enchanting season when homes are adorned with winter decorations, the aroma of cookies fills the air, and candlelight creates a magical ambiance, signaling the approaching Christmas Eve. The dining table is set with care, featuring a special Christmas service during Advent. Villeroy & Boch's »Toy's Delight« collection evokes nostalgic childhood memories with its charming motifs, rekindling the excitement of Christmas for both young and old. These porcelain decorations were meticulously crafted, featuring small candy canes, gingerbread, apples, rocking horses, and a beautifully adorned Christmas tree at the center.

You can customize this tableware according to your preferences since it offers various items in different color options: pure white, rich red, or vibrant green. Opting for a single primary color creates a sense of harmony and elegance throughout your table setting. Alternatively, you can mix and match the colors to create a lively and cheerful atmosphere, perfect for your breakfast or coffee table. »Toy's Delight« truly shines when used as a part of your festive dining experience.

The »Toy's Delight Glass« crystal glasses go perfectly with this: the small scattered motifs from the original porcelain decor are applied to the glasses using the pantography technique. Available are: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses, water glasses, and long drink or juice glasses. The dishwasher-safe glasses are each gift-wrapped in a set of two.

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32 Item(s)