Thomas »Loft Weiß«

In 2001, Thomas introduced a collection called »Loft« which continues to captivate audiences with its sleek and fashionable minimalist design to this day. »Loft« was designed by Queensberry Hunt, the creative Londoner who also developed the classic »Trend« for Thomas. Like »Trend«, Thomas »Loft« also has this special timeless and at the same time modern character. The motto "Less is more" can be felt in every article of Thomas »Loft Weiß«. This form is consistently puristic in design and thus radiates restrained aesthetics. A subtle grooved relief is the only decorative element. It not only gives the porcelain an unmistakable look but also a pleasing feel.

In addition to the round shape that is usual for plates and bowls, »Loft Weiß« also comes in square and rectangular versions. This creative play of shapes can also be found in the so-called hollow parts: The mugs were designed in a strictly cylindrical shape, while the cups, with their semi-spherical lines, provided an interesting contrast. The clever combination of all these different geometric shapes makes the porcelain an eye-catcher on the table.

It is the successful balance of simplicity and skillful design that distinguishes Thomas »Loft Weiß«. With this collection, a clear statement of taste, modern table culture, and design can be made with every meal. »Loft« in white is a trendy soloist, but it can also be perfectly combined with »Loft Colour« as a mix-and-match partner.

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59 Item(s)