Seltmann Weiden Terra

Seltmann Weiden »Terra«

Natural colors and a distinctive texture are the defining features of the Seltmann Weiden »Terra« collection. The name Terra is quite fitting, as the porcelain's color tones are inspired by the hues found in various earthy soils on our planet: a deep, lush mossy green, a rich, earthy brown, a light, sandy beige, and a chalky pearl gray. The series is complemented by a neutral white, which serves as a versatile base to match with all Terra colors. In fact, all the colors in the Seltmann Weiden »Terra Uni« collection can be mixed and matched. For those with a more minimalist preference, they can choose their favorite color from the selection and set a monochromatic table. The color palette in natural shades is enhanced by a textured relief in the form of concentric circles. It's both visible and tangible, irregularly shimmering through the glaze. This structure, along with the earth-toned colors, contributes to the trendy craft-style look of »Terra«.

The Terra »Corso« decor fits perfectly into the natural look of this Seltmann collection: a dark brown, slightly gradient edge adorns the subtle gray porcelain. Seltmann Weiden Terra »Corso« has a certain touch of retro charm and looks young and trendy at the same time thanks to its handmade look.

The Seltmann Weiden »Terra« range ranges from cups for coffee, espresso, and café au lait to various plates and the centerpieces of the collection: food bowls in different sizes and heights. Foodbowls are multifunctional bowls that are suitable for serving and presenting many international dishes: Poké Bowls, Food Bowls and Buddha Bowls, soup bowls and salad bowls, for antipasti and desserts, and as serving bowls for savory nibbles and sweet pastries. The flat food bowls, in particular, demonstrate their well-thought-out design at buffets and parties: They are ideal for finger food, appetizers, and canapes because the raised edge prevents the snacks from slipping off the plate. Seltmann Weiden »Terra« is a contemporary porcelain for today's demands on modern table culture.

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