Bowls & Dishes

Large selection of bowls & dishes

Antipasti, dips, and delicious desserts can be attractively served in small bowls and dishes.  The dishes are available in different sizes and shapes. It's up to you whether you serve the muesli for breakfast in a bowl or use it to hand out the individual ingredients for raclette or fondue.

Porcelain and ceramics go well with existing crockery. Combine the individual parts or bowl sets with each other. For example, round and square shapes look particularly decorative on the table. Choose the right crockery, cutlery, and glasses. Bowls and dishes are part of every kitchen and an indispensable part of any household.

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Bowls and dishes for different occasions

A table set with beautiful tableware opens the appetite and puts you in a good mood. Modern cuisine is incredibly versatile. The number of national and international dishes allows hobby cooks to try out new recipes and surprise friends with delicious dishes. In Japanese, Chinese or Moroccan cuisine, delicacies are offered in smaller bowls. Simply refill bowls & dishes as soon as they are empty.

Parties, family celebrations, birthdays - there are an incredible number of uses for beautiful bowls and dishes. All guests are happy to accept the invitation to brunch, a garden party, or a salad buffet. Offer the delicacies from the kitchen and garden in trendy bowls and dishes and your guests will rave about the successful celebration for a long time to come.

Keep leftovers in small bowls. Cover the dishes with foil and then put bowls & dishes in the fridge. This way the leftovers stay fresh longer and can be eaten a few days later. Prepare vegetable broth or pesto, then double the ingredients. Also, keep half of them in bowls in the fridge. This will save you valuable time next time, which you would much rather spend with your guests.