The name of the ASA SELECTION collection »Nesuto« comes from Japanese and means »Nest«. It stems from the characteristic shape of the porcelain parts: the round, soft lines of »Nesuto« radiate security and comfort like a nest. A pleasant sensation that is becoming increasingly important as a counterpoint to our hectic and noisy times. This tableware series is quite minimalistic with the most important items: There is a teapot in two sizes, with a capacity of 1,2 and 2 liters, plus a mug with a handle, two bowls in different sizes, and a selection of plates: bread plates, dessert/breakfast plates, dinner plates, and pasta/soup plates. The teapots are packed in an attractive gift box.

Many items from »Nesuto« are multifunctional, as is known from ASA: the bowls can be used as sugar bowls, snacks, and dip bowls. The bread plate also serves as a snack plate and as a saucer for the mug with a handle. Salad, pasta, soup, or one-pot dishes can be served on a deep plate. It is also ideal for desserts.

ASA »Nesuto« is available in two color variants: The gray-green color »bonsai« was inspired by Far Eastern bonsai art. Thanks to its natural coloring, »bonsai« harmonizes perfectly with fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit. The color variant »fuji«, on the other hand, appears rather solid and is reminiscent of rock due to the grey, iridescent structure. A fitting name, since »fuji« is the Japanese word for mountain. Thanks to the special, satin effect glaze, each item from ASA SELECTION »Nesuto« is unique.

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18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)