Zwiesel 1872 glasses Delight.

The glass series Delight 1872 is a new step into a new direction for Zwiesel concerning design and function. The main characteristic of the glasses of the series Zwiesel 1872 Delight is the deep center of gravity. That way the biggest diameter and therefore the perfec sensory area is in the lower third of the goblet. The 13-part special glass series Zwiesel 1872 glasses Delight presents three glasses for tannin-focused Bordeaux-types and three glasses in the according sizes for Burgundy with a round body and soft acid. Furthermore a white wine / allround-glas, a Champagne-goblet, two water glasses, each one glass for aperitives an digestives and a decanter complete the ner Gourmet glass-series Delight. Just complete your new Zwiesel 1872 glasses Delight glass series wirh a noble cutlery or a fine porcelain!