The tea strainer - the practical helper for the perfect taste

Less then 400 years ago, the tea came to Europe. What was estimated at the Asian primitive people for millennia, was also popular in this country. Tea from the Himalayas, the East or the Asian part of Russia was and is considered to be healthy. Tea is tasty, varied and provides an opportunity for relaxing break.

To easily remove the leaves of the tea and the infusion of teapots and cups, there is a practical helper such as the tea strainer. True lovers know: Only the drink brewed with the tea strainer actually tastes and provides us with more flavor than tea bags made ​​of paper.

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Fürstenberg, 'Carlo Dal Bianco white' Cup Without Handle Cup Without Handle Fürstenberg, 'Carlo Dal Bianco white'
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Rosenthal studio line 'TAC 02 White' Tea Strainer Metal Tea Strainer Metal Rosenthal studio line 'TAC 02 White'
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Rosenthal Studio-line, 'Wan' Tea sieve with rack, + 3x Cotton tea mesh Tea sieve with rack, + 3x Cotton tea mesh Rosenthal Studio-line, 'Wan'
now 19,90 €
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Little helpers with big effect

The tea strainer is an indispensable facility not only at home but also in office or restaurant. Strainers can be stylishly placed on the table. The small utensils of porcelain or stainless steel take on the tea leaves and hung them in cups or teapots for brewing. Most strainers have a small waste container in which the tea filters are stored. In such way drops on the table are avoided.

The matching utensils for matching style 

Whether tea strainer and tea filters are made of porcelain or stainless steel: The abundance of different designs from renowned manufacturers makes it possible for every consumer to find the right part. Whether Villeroy und Boch or Rosenthal, whether Wedgwood or BSF: The different decorations in a traditional or modern style are ideal to live its style. It will always be suitable for your kitchen. The small strainer and the large filter are now also popular gifts. Presented with the fruity tea or herbal mix, it is a stylish gift. Since the tea is also healthy and bracing drink, young and old enjoy it.