Stoneware Ceramics

Stoneware - rustic fine ceramics

Both, porcelain and stoneware belong to the category of fine ceramics. But the mixture and the manufacturing are different. Stoneware is a type of porous clay-ceramics, oftenly with a lead-containing glazing. The color varies between white and red-brown. Stoneware consists of clay and quartz and feldspar. Furthermore stoneware can contain other minerals like Calcit. The burning temperature of stoneware of 900°C-1100°C is lower than when burning porcelain (1350°C - 1450°C). Because of the low burning temperatures stoneware does not get waterproof after burning. It's the glazing makes it tight. The material of the porcelain on the other hand creates a waterproof wall because of its glazing and the successfull sintering. That's why the shock-resistance of porcelain is higher than of the stoneware. Stone ware in opposite to porcelain is not transparent and has a more rustic charme. Stoneware is also being named earthenware by laymen and older literature but earthenware is the term for all kinds of clay-wares which burn tightly, sinter or glaze.