Sparkling Glass forms and their characteristics

Champagne glasses and their characteristics

A champagne glass is a glass made especially for champagne or prosecco. There are different implementations. 1. Champagne-goblet or champagne-tulip A champagne-goblet is usually a tall, running up conically champagne glass with a short stem. The term goblet refers to the relatively tall and small form of the glass which is a reminiscent to a goblet or a tulip shaped glass. The glass volumes up to 10 to 20 centiliter normally. It is used for champagne or prosecco, but cocktails and appetizer are served in these glasses as well. Eisch Melissa Sektkelch Spiegelau Grand Palais Exquisit Champagnerkelch Spiegelau Gläser Grand Palais Exquisit Proseccokelch You can find champagne goblets and prosecco goblets in our shop. These glasses are naturally suited for serving everything related to champagne also. 2. Champagne-flute and -peaked or champagne-fountain The goblet of a Champagne flute, identical to the champagne peak or champagne fountain, is hoisted and turned over at the edge. The long stem of the champagne flute is to prevent the champagne warming up due to the hand warmth. Because of that, champagne flutes or white-wine glasses should only be lifted at the stem or at the bottom of the glass. Other glass shapes are also often referred to as flutes, for example the champagne-tulip Our manufacturer offers these champagne-flutes as champagne-flutes, -peaks or –fountain Similarities of goblet and flute: Due to the long and wrought shape and the small opening of both glass shapes, carbon dioxide cannot evaporate as quickly. On the other hand you can check the fizz of the champagne easily. The fine pearls of carbon dioxide emerge on rough spots in the glass, the so called fizz-spots. Some glass-manufacturers work these spots into their glasses deliberately; sometimes little basalt-stones are molten into the bottom of the glass. These work like rice-grains, which are put into a wheat beer glass to enforce the perlage. These champagne-flutes are also used in dish soap-test to check the drain and drying properties of glasses 3. Champagne-bowl Champagne-bowls are flat goblet-glasses with a big diameter and small height. These goblets rest on a slim stem and volume up to 20-25cl. On the contrary to the champagne-flutes, champagne-bowl have the disadvantage of letting the carbon dioxide escape very quickly. You can find champagne-bowls with which you can drink every other champagne as well in our shop. 4. Champagne-cups Villeroy & Boch supplies champagne-glasses in cup-shape for you.