Six-course meal and four-course meal cladding

For the perfect seating order, there are some recommendations which are to ensure a smoothly course. We will show you claddings for six-course meals and four-course meals with Villeroy & Boch articles below. 1. Six-course menu with entrees, soup, fish, sorbet as entrée, meat and dessert. Porcelain: Gray Pearl Glass: Miss Desiree Cutlery: Kreuzband If the soup is served first, the spoon moves to the first position on the outside. The silvered forks are lain with the stamped bottom to the top, just like it is common in France. The slightly discharged fish-fork is a allowed variant. The sorbet is served together with the dessert-spoon, which is not provided in this example because of that. 2. Four-course meal with entrée, fish, meat and dessert. Porcelain: New Wave Premium Gold Glass: New Wave Premium Cutlery: Ella Teilvergoldet In contrary to pictured here, there is only one plate provided normally. There are two exceptions for an additionally plate • The entrée is already served • The entre-plate is set up to deliver a work of art with the main dish.

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