Sambonet Design Collection with cutlery and kitchen accessories

Sambonet stands for sophisticated and innovative design.

The italian family-run company Sambonet Paderno is the market leader in the manufacturing of valuable cutleries and kitchen accessories. We offer a huge collection of Sambonet like cutlery-sets, kitchen gadgets and charming table accessories. Get to know the italian design and lifestyle of Sambonet. The especially high quality will also enchant you! Complete your Sambonet cutlery and kitchen accessories with fine porcelain, noble glasses or Garnier Thiebaut table linen!

Sambonet Home Ideas 2018 Sambonet Home Ideas 2018 The  Home Ideas 2018  collection by  Sambonet offers various gifts and accessories ... Sambonet Candle Holders Sambonet Candle Holders Stylish candle holders made of glass are a part of the Home & Design collection from Sambonet. Sambonet Cutlery Sets Sambonet Cutlery Sets Cutlery sets from Sambonet are luxurious and exquisite embodiment of dining culture. Sambonet ...

Sambonet: Timeless masterpieces since 200 years.

Highest elegance and a breath of luxury feature the products of the manufacturer Sambonet. Italian Chique from Milano is included here.

Sambonet Table Accessories Sambonet Table Accessories Besides the highest quality also the exquisit design is a big deal at Sambonet. In the catalogue Sambonet ... Sambonet Bamboo stainless steel 18/10 Sambonet Bamboo stainless steel 18/10 The collection Bamboo made of stainless steel amazes with its oval section which is inspired by oriental ... Sambonet Elba Sambonet Elba Elba cutlery from Sambonet offers a colourful cutlery for your dining table. Elba is available in ... Sambonet Menu Sambonet Menu Distinctive for the success of tasty dishes is the correct Sambonet cooking dishes where all the details ... Sambonet Living Sambonet Living The Italian first-class brand Sambonet stands for highest elegance. Convincing design you will also ... Sambonet Photo Frames Sambonet Photo Frames Highlight your pictures by placing them into one of elegant photo frames by Sambonet . All photo f ... Sambonet Kids Sambonet Kids Cutlery and dinnerware sets for children from Sambonet turn every meal into a real adventure for your ... Sambonet Kikka stainless steel 18/10 Sambonet Kikka stainless steel 18/10 You can find kitchenware in best quality in the Kikka collection of Sambonet. All pots, pans, casseroles ... Sambonet Linea Q stainless steel 18/10 Sambonet Linea Q stainless steel 18/10 The Line Q series from the manufacturer Sambonet contains valuable accessories for the table and living ... Sambonet Linea Q Table Sets Sambonet Linea Q Table Sets You can find noble placemats in different colors within the collections of the Linea Q table sets of ... Sambonet PVD Cutlery Sambonet PVD Cutlery Sambonet lends five cutlery sets in Best Sellers new brightness. The manufacturer offers various ... Sambonet T-light stainless steel 18/10 Sambonet T-light stainless steel 18/10 Here you can find a selection of attractive table accessories. The manufacturer Sambonet manufactures ... Sambonet Twist stainless steel 18/10 Sambonet Twist stainless steel 18/10 Sambonet Twist contains the most important table accessories for serving and presenting. The oval design ...