Plates - design, purpose and material.

The plate is a plain part of the dining set on which the meals are prepared for eating. The times of only round plates are over for long times now. Many manufacturers also or exclusively offer angular or swung plate-designs. Even triangular plates are part of the collection. 1. design of a plate. Most of the plates consist of a deepening which is named as mirror and a mostly plain, levered rim which is called the flag. Plates like these are called plates with flag. Furthermore there are plates which have no rim but just consist of a deepening. These plates are called plate Coupe or plate Coup. 2. Selection of plates according their materials. Plates can be made of the most different materials. At Porzellantreff you can find plates made of porcelain, stoneware, wood and glass. 3. Selection of plates accorden their usage. The design of a plate follows its function from which also the name is derived in the most cases. The different plate designs and names are shown in the following example of the Arzberg Blue flowers. 3.1. Under plate. An Underplate or gourmet plate is completely plain and has a comparatively huge diameter (app.30cm). It is the under layer for the dining plate of the dish. 3.2. Saucer. A saucer serves as an underlayer for soup bowls and cups. In the Porzellantreff this kind of Underplate is named saucer. 3.3. Dining plate. A dining plate of meat plate is the normal, plain dish plate. In many sets you can choose from different sizes (24 cm up to 29 cm). 3.4. Breakfast plate. A breakfast plate, cake plate or dessert plate has the same shape like a dining plate but has a smaller diameter (app.20cm). 3.5. Bread plate. A bread plate also has the same shape of a dining plate or a breakfast plate but has the smallest diameter (app.17cm). It is used for the laid table on the left upper side for the bread. 3.6. Soup plate. A soup plate has a deeper shape and a levered rim. 3.7. Pasta plate. Pasta plates or noodle plates are perfectly matched n shape for all pasta and noodle dishes. The pasta plate is not offered in all sets. For the set Arzberg Blue flowers it'S also not in the collection. (pic: Seltmann Weiden Orlando Livorno) 3.8. Fondue and Barbecue plate Essential for the Fondue and Barbecue dishes are the different sauces. The special design of the Barbecue and Fondue plates avoids a mixture of the different sauces. Leverings separate the the sauces and the meat on the plate and gives the appetite clarity.

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