Plates made of porcelain, ceramic and glass in various designs


The online shop offers cheap plates from a large assortment. Different manufacturers with their distinctive shapes, colors and patterns have plates for every occasion. Whether classic or modern designed, you will find plates that will please you. Browse through our range of plates. It is worth.

Among porcelain you will find for your plates the other service parts, as well as the possibility of a service composition!

Antipasti plates Antipasti plates Antipasti are an Italian appetizer which is gaining popularity in restaurants and especially at home. Bread plates Bread plates Bread plates are an essential part of every breakfast or dinner table. They are of a smaller diameter ... Coupe plates Coupe plates Coupe plates are common dinner plates, which have no interruption on their smooth surface. They are ... Decorative plates Decorative plates Whether for a festive occasion or beautifying your home are our Decorative plates real eye catchers. Dessert plates Dessert plates If you want to present your dessert stylish you need our Dessert plates. Dessert plates provide plenty ... Fish plates Fish plates Fish plates from our range are characterized by an elegant and simple form, which will inspire you ... Meat plates Meat plates Meat plates offer plenty of space to present various meat variations in a stylish way. "A feast for ... Fondue plates Fondue plates A fondue needs delicious sauces besides the different meat variations. Not to let the sauces float ... Breakfast plates Breakfast plates Breakfast is for many people the most significant meal of the day as it is regarded to be an important ... Pastry plates Pastry plates All year round and not just at Christmas time you have the possibility with our Pastry plates to present ... Glass plates Glass plates Glass plates offer a beautiful shaped alternative to our versatile porcelain offering. Browse through ... Gourmet plates Gourmet plates Do you especially value refined foods? Then our Gourmet plates are exactly what you need. Explore our ... Grill plates Grill plates In our online shop you will discover barbecue plates of various shapes and sizes which are ideal for ... Children plates Children plates Make yourself and your children a joy with our affordable Children plates. Many colorful motifs invite ... Cake plates Cake plates Cake plates belong in every well sorted household. The Cake plates from our offer are inexpensive and ... Pasta plates Pasta plates Essential not only for pasta lovers are Pasta plates. The cheap Pasta plates from our range will fascinate ... Pizza plates Pizza plates Both as fresh cooked or as well as frozen variant, pizza enjoys a long time and worldwide popularity. Charger plates Charger plates In a multi-course menu Charger plates are provided for the main course. The plates of each course will ... Biscuit plates Biscuit plates Not only at Christmas time, but all year round are biscuits very popular for coffee or tea. In our ... Salad plates Salad plates You like to serve a small salad as a side dish, then you need Salad plates. Whether you prefer a simple ... Serving plates Serving plates Serving plates offer a stylish and decorative way to present warm and cold dishes. The different designs ... Snack plates Snack plates For the small hunger between the meals or for decorative serving of snacks are our Snack plates ideal. Dinner plates Dinner plates Dinner plate is the generally known term for a flat plate, which is used for all meals. Browse through ... Soup plates Soup plates Soup plates are an integral part of every dinner service. Generalized can be said that every large, ... Plate Sets Plate Sets Here you will find an assortment of at least two and more plates . Browse through the wide range and ... Saucer Saucer As a lid for every pot, belongs a Saucer to every cup. In each porcelain services are Saucerss an integral ... Wall plates Wall plates Wall decorative plates do not only adorn the walls or shelves of your home, but they can become nice ... Christmas plates Christmas plates Our decorative Christmas Plates are for everybody. Whether for collection or as a gift, the beautiful ...