Your birthday or another anniversary is ahead? Put your product wishes on a Wishlist  at Porzellantreff.de quickly and easily and share it with your friends and relatives.

The answer is the Wishlist:

  • Choose products from the entire range of our onlineshop Porzellantreff.de
  • Let friends and acquaintances know by email about your Wishlist
  • Change your Wishlist at anytime by adding or deleting items
  • Find out which items have already been ordered for you
  • Use your Wishlist as a personal shopping list to recover particular articles directly

How the Wishlist works:

  • Browse the online store Porzellantreff.de and pick out your wishes
  • Use the wish list icon to add an item to your Wishlist
  • Invite friends by e-mail to your wishes can be fulfilled

How the Wishlist works

Overview of all Wishlists