Handmade mouthblown glasses

The overwhelming portions of drinking-glasses are made using machine work. These glasses can therefore be made in large quantities, which are then offered to the costumer at a relatively low price.
The demand for hand-made, mouth-blown glasses is still unbroken, which require perfected craftsmanship and make every product unique.

Porzellantreff offers you a lot of different and finest handmade glasses:

  • Riedel Sommelier
  • Eisch Jeunesse
  • Eisch Melissa
  • Zalto Denk Art
  • Zwiesel 1872
  • Spiegelau Wilsberger Collection

The lead crystal series Sommeliers made by the traditional manufacturer Riedel is one of the most successful glazier’s workshop in the world. Every glass is a custom-made item, the upper portion mouth-blown, stem and bottom hand-formed by methods of manufacturing which were developed around the birth of Christ.
The glassmakers contribute extraordinary talents, abilities and care. To distinct between machine-crafted products and mouth-blown products, Riedel introduced their trademarked logo, characterized by the youth-style of the late nineteen hundreds, in celebration of their 240th jubilee in 1996, to distinct between the mouth-blown products and the machine-crafted products.

To distinct between those two types of work, here are the two logos of Riedel:

Sign for handmade and mouth-blown maschinengefertigt

Mouth-blown products

Machine-crafted products

The gourmet-glasses from the Jeuness and Melissa series are top-of-the-line products from the mouth-blown crafting made by the glass foundry Eisch



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Willsberger Collection


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Zwiesel 1872

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