Help and FAQ´s

FAQ: How the online shop works
What stands behind Porzellantreff, how to use the navigation and search systems, how an order process looks like and what other useful functions are available and how they work you will find out here.

FAQ: All about your customer account
Questions about your personal account and logging in on, about password recovery and other functions of your personal account will be answered here.

FAQ: All about our Services
How Porzellantreff handles your orders, who your contact persons in the service department are and how to reach them, what other services such as gift packaging and after sales service are available for you, you can learn here.

FAQ: All about the Products of our Partners
Find out more about the partners of Porzellantreff and their products, and how easily you can buy them by placing just one order.

FAQ: All about the Wedding Registry
Are you a bridal couple or a wedding guest? Find out everything about the free service "wedding registry" of Porzellantreff. Giving or receiving gifts can become easier with our online shop. In this section we will describe for you how it works.

FAQ: All about the Wishlist
It does not always have to be a wedding. Also for birthday people and for those who are celebrating their anniversaries as well as for those who simply have a lot of wishes, Porzellantreff offers a tempting service - the wishlist. How it works, you can discover here.

FAQ: All about vouchers
Here you can receive all necessary information about vouchers