Cup specialties – the optimal cup-shape.

A cup is a cup, apart from their individual design or décor, right? But every type of coffee has its own unique way of preparation and demands good ingredients like good water and the “right” cup. Similar to wine glasses, there are specific cup shapes which are suited best for their destined coffee. 1. Espresso Espresso, also known as Mocca or Cortado is brewed at 92°C and sipped as hot as possible. Ideal for such a coffee is a small, slim cup-shape which keeps the temperature on the same level. The volume amounts to 0,09 l – 0,11 l. These cups are suited for all versions of espresso – even for Lungo (with a shot of Water) or Corretto (with a shot of Grappa) Picture: Arzberg Cult Linea Negra Espresso Obertasse 2. Coffee-cups Coffee-cups are best suited for standard coffee, no matter how they are prepared – with milk, cream or a shot. Coffee-cups amount to 0,2 l – 0,22 l. Picture: Schirding by Arzberg Form 4900 Indisch Blau Kaffee Obertasse 3. Tea-cups Tea-cups have a wider, slightly flatter form, which helps unfold the tea flavor. Tea-Cups amount to 0,2 l – 0,22 l Bild: Hutschenreuther Eve Pink Lady Frühstücks Obertasse 4. Breakfast-cups Once milk and coffee join together and the portions get bigger, the cup has to grow in volume. For that occasion, we provide the so called Breakfast-cups or Milk-coffee-cups. Amounting to 0,32 l – 0,5 l, all variations of milk-coffee like Caffe-latte or café au lait are perfectly served. Picture: Hutschenreuther Eve Pink Lady Frühstücks Obertasse 5. Cafe au lait cups These Café au Lait cups with amount to 0,32 l – 0,44l are used for all recipes with a lot of milk. Café au Lait is the French description for coffee served with hot milk, in which the beverage is mixed in a 50/50 ratio of coffee and milk. 6. Caffè Latte cup Caffè Latte is the Italian version of milk-coffee with contains espresso and hot milk. Picture: Kahla Cumulus Zwiebelle Caffe Latte Obertasse 7. Latte Macchiato glass and cups Latte Macchiato (spotted milk) is also an Italian variation of milk-coffee. It contains Espresso and hot milk, where the ingredients are not mixed but are poured alternating into a tall glass and served. Latte Macchiato is served in a thick-walled glass, attached with a long-handled spoon. The big, thick-walled special glass Latte Macchiato can also be used to serve hot tea. Some manufacturers offer tall cups for Latte Macchiato as well. Picture: Leopold Latte Macchiato Trinkglas 8. Cappuccino cups Cappuccion is an Italian Coffee beverage, which consist of even parts of brewed espresso with the doubled amount of water, hot milk and hot milk-foam. It is usually served in a thick-walled, pre-heated cup made from stoneware or porcelain and drunk sweetened. The Cappuccino cups have a slightly higher cup-form then normal cups, to give the head more support. Picture: Seltmann Weiden VIP Kollektion Weihnachten Cappucciontasse 9. Handle-Cups Cups with handles are the jack of all trades to every Coffee or Cacao preparation – except for small portions like espresso. But you can certainly drink other hot beverages like tea or milk with it. The Handle-Cups are offered in sizes of 0,28 l to 0,38 l. Picture: Friesland Ammerland Blue Becher mit Henkel. 10. Jumbo-Cups These huge Jumbo-cups offer you up to 0,5 l volume for any hot beverages. Picture: Waechtersbach Jumbotasse Hotel Mama 11. Cuddly-cups Cuddly-Cups are the reference to the Könitz porcelain scooped handle-cups with a volume of up to 0,42 l. These Cuddly-cups are suited for all kinds of hot beverages and snuggle in your hands thanks to their shape. Picture: Könitz Kuschelbecher Little Hearts 12. Tea-cups Tea-cups are often offered with a tea strainer and a lid. Picture: Thun Teebecher Tea

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