Modern Style Porcelain

Porcelain in modern design - Metropolitan dishes.

Porcelain in modern design is an expression of clear designs, reduction to the essential as well as the useful functionality. The puristic way of the porcelain-shaping lets you enjoy every day openminded. Porcelain with modern design meets the time spirit with out ever becoming transient. Use the porcelain in modern design to set an environment of a unique beauty. In this catalogue you will find an overview on our whole collection of porcelain in modern design. Villeroy & Boch names this porcelain Metropolitain.

Arzberg Cucina Arzberg Cucina The shapes of the Arzberg Cucina series are based on the daily needs of the people. Without additional ... Friesland Life-Revival Friesland Life-Revival The manufacturer created a dishes with the Friesland Life Revival porcelain hich is inimitable in its ... Kahla Abra Cadrabra Kahla Abra Cadrabra Enjoyment is no magic! Abra Cadabra transforms according to your Gusto. From the little bowl with lid ... Kahla Cumulus Kahla Cumulus The Kahla Cumulus porcelain makes free room for experimentation with it's thickened program. The Kahla ... Kahla Elixyr Kahla Elixyr The Kahla Elixyr shape combines symmetry and asymmetry. With this exclusive combination of differe ... Kahla Five Senses white Kahla Five Senses white Kahla five senses porcelain has a sensual design and makes sense in its function. The genious design ... Kahla Touch! Kahla Touch! Kahla Touch is the first porcelain with a velveteen surface decoration and promises a fascinating touch ... Kahla Update Kahla Update Kahla Update is a versatile, stackable porcelain series for the eating habits of today. Pure simplicity, ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Rosenthal Studio-Line Rosenthal Studio Line, designed by internationally respected artitss who are famous for their vanguard ... Seltmann Weiden Allegro Uni Seltmann Weiden Allegro Uni Natural elegance for an ambience of persisting charme - that's Seltmann Weiden Allegro Uni porcelain. (null) (null) Seltmann Weiden Paso Seltmann Weiden Paso The design Seltmann Weiden Paso makes a step into an new age of porcelain. Traditions are jettisoned ... (null) (null) Seltmann Weiden Sketch Seltmann Weiden Sketch Seltmann Weiden Sketch porcelain offers the perfect table for each occasion. The series Seltmann Weiden ... Seltmann Weiden Top Life Seltmann Weiden Top Life Dedicated and autonomous, up to date and unconventional. For your personal lifestyle we recommend the ... Seltmann Weiden Trio Seltmann Weiden Trio Seltmann Weiden Trio attracts with its sophisticated and specially aesthetic design language. The basicially ... Thomas Loft white Thomas Loft white Thomas Loft white porcelain stands for enjoyment and always adjusts to your personal lifestyle: everyday, ... Thomas Trend Thomas Trend The fine grooved structure makes the Thomas Trend unmistakable. The lot of basic and additional parts ... Thomas Vario Thomas Vario Thomas Vario porcelain amazes with its clear design and individual combination possibilities. For example ... Villeroy & Boch Cera Villeroy & Boch Cera This beautiful crockery of the brand manufacturer Villeroy and Boch provides space for the extraor ... Villeroy & Boch Flow Villeroy & Boch Flow In the Villeroy and Boch Flow Porcelain series is everything in motion: Organic , soft flowing for ...