Lead crystal glasses, decanter and carafes by Riedel and Nachtmann

Lead crystal glass

A glass shining like a crystal Glassware with over 30% of lead are known as lead crystal. Lead crystal is the most noble but also the most price intense type of glass. They excite trough their shine. It originates trough the high addition of lead oxide. Because lead crystal is especially soft it is especially qualified for being sanded. Ornament and polish of lead crystal can be especially favourable because of the high amount of refraction.

Besides sanded lead crystal, there is a sparkling unsanded lead crystal glass also. Engraving and polish are rather obstructive for a wine glass because they can obstruct the assessment of the wine. In a crystal glass the flavour of the wine cannot develope as intense as in a lead crystal glass Lead crystal is traditionally manufactured in the area of the Bohemian-forest massive, the border area between Bavaria and Czechoslovakia. Invented in the Iser mountains, where it is still manufactured today. The central lead crystal manufacturing sites are located on the German side in the Bavarian forest and Upper Palantine forest. A wide range of the Nachtmann and Riedel glass collection is made here in lead crystal quality.