Le Creuset sauce pans

The sauce pan is perfect to handle due to its long handlebar made of Phenoplast. The lid has a special ventilation system to avoid the overboiling. The pouring lip on both sides makes drop-free pouring easy. Cast iron is perfect to fry and cook! - Resistant and acid-resistant enamel on the in- and oustide - Ideal for searing - Keeps the meal hot until the end - suitable for the serving at the table - Easy to clean and dishwasherproof - Suitable for all cookers - also suitable for the oven and the barbeque - Oven-resistant Lid handle, heat-resistant until 200°C As a matter of course we deliver your Le Creuset sauce pan in first choice quality! Complete your Le Creuset sauce pan with beautiful glasses, porcelain, stoneware, table linen or cutlery!

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Quality notes:
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