Le Creuset backing moulds and pastry-dishes.

Le Creuset Pastete baking moulds are made of enameled cast iron. The Anmel is tasteless and the airtight, ventilating lid makes the cooking preserving the juiciness - also after several days of resting time. You can easily recognize the Le Creuset Tatin Baking dish with its swung handlebars which easify the plunging of the cake. The slightly domed inner ground, the rounded edges and the extra-smooth, cutresistant inner enmel makes the cake come out of the dish easily. Including Vitroplus Ground for the preparation of Caramel on the cooker. The Tatin-dish can also be used as a pan! Cast iron is perfect to fry and cook! - Resistant and acid-resistant enamel on the in- and outside - Ideal for searing - Keeps the meal hot until the end - suitable for the serving at the table - Easy to clean and dishwasherproof - Suitable for all cookers - also suitable for the oven and the barbeque - Oven-resistant Lid handle, heat-resistant until 200°C As a matter of course we deliver your Le Creuset baking moulds and pasty-dishes in first choice quality! Complete your Le Creuset roaster Doufeu cooking ware with beautiful glasses, porcelain, stoneware, table linen or cutlery!

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Le Creuset 'Baking Dishes' Tatin Dish 28 cm volcanic Tatin Dish 28 cm volcanic Le Creuset 'Baking Dishes'
139,00 €
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