Knives for high demands from manufacturers such as Zwilling

Kitchen knives for high demands

Kitchen knives with a high quality for high demands that makes preparing meals a special experience. No matter if you’re looking for Knives for asian cuisine, Asian kitchen knives, cooking knives, steak knives or utility knives – this catalogue for special kitchen knives will help you find the perfect knife to prepare your menu. Just complete your new kitchen knives with noble porcelain!

Boning Knives Boning Knives An excellent cook requires a perfectly equipped kitchen to create his or her delicious masterpiece ... Bread Knives Bread Knives The bread knives of our premium manufacturers Zwilling Villeroy & Boch and Mertens have a long, ... Fillet Knives Fillet Knives A professional filleting knive is perfect for the filleting ok meat or fish. A professional filleting ... Carving Knives Carving Knives The meat cutter is also being called carving knive. Mostly it has a length of 15 - 30 cm. The carving ... Paring knives Paring knives Do you want to cut raw or cooked vegetables and fruit in a decorative way? Then you will need a paring ... Vegetable Knives Vegetable Knives Vegetable knives are perfect for the decoration and chopping of fruit and vegetables. The straight edge ... Knives for asian cooking Knives for asian cooking The asian cuisine cooking knives fulfill all of the various demands. The characteristic of these authentic ... Kitchen and chef's knives Kitchen and chef's knives A chef's knife is meant for slicing, cutting and chopping meat, vegetables, salads and spices. And ... Cheese Knives Cheese Knives For the perfect cutting of chees special cheese-knives are necessary which habe a special blade-design. Kitchen knive sets Kitchen knive sets You prefer to handle special knives and would like to purchase all specialists in the same design? Then ... Salmon Knives Salmon Knives With the long, flexible blade or special salmon knives salmon and other fishes can be cut wafer-thin. Fruit Knives and Cake Knives Fruit Knives and Cake Knives Fruit knives are being used for several fruit-types or for cakes or toasts. With the small, light fruit ... Ham and Bacon Knives Ham and Bacon Knives Ham and Bacon knives are especially tight with a long stable blade. Ham and other big pieces of meat ... Peelers Peelers Whether carottes, apples or potatoes, with pro-peelers you will peel fruit and vegetable out of the ... Steak Knives Steak Knives A good steak knife or steak-cutlery is indispensable vor each lover of beef. They are also perfect ... Cake and Pie Knives Cake and Pie Knives Cake knives are made for the separating and distributing of pies and cakes. The triangular, long shape ... Universal knives Universal knives In our on-line shop you can find knives suitable for every occasion. But for those who would rather ...