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The online shop offers attractive knive blocks, knives, cookware, pots and pans made of cast iron or stainless steel from prestigious manufacturers as: Roesle (Rösle) Le Creuset, Zwilling, BSF or Villeroy & Boch. The cookware of the series Genio by Thomas unites porcelain and cookware with functionality and elegance. Knives and cutlery from Solingen as well as asian cook knives ease your housework. Choose frome a selection of different hardware, frying pans, baking dishes, cake moulds and other kitchen helpers for baking, frying and cooking for the modern kitchen.

Complete your selection of kitchen knives, cutlery and cooking utensils with matching porcelain, porcelain, ceramics or cutlery.

Pots Pots Elaborate hard-wearing pots are a must for every kitchen. Our brand suppliers’ pots made out ... Pans Pans A pan or frying pan is made out of metal and can be used for frying or roasting. In comparison to pots ... Soufflé Gratin & Quiche Soufflé Gratin & Quiche Here you will find the perfect fire-resistant gratin dish for every casserole. No matter if round fo ... Asian Cooking Asian Cooking Asia cooking - the alternative instead of a world trip. Catch in the breath of the whole wide world ... Fish preparation and serving Fish preparation and serving There's a confusing variety of more or less amored seafood. All have one thing in common: they are the ... Prepare and serve asparagus Prepare and serve asparagus Asparagus is delicious for over 4000 years. Even today the asparagus-dish is still something special ... Kitchen helpers and tools Kitchen helpers and tools Useful kitchen aids are for example cookie cutters, pastry brushes, whisks, mallets, potato masher, kitchen ... Kitchen Textiles Kitchen Textiles The kitchen textiles from Garnier Thiebaut, Le Creuset or Roesle (Rösle) will make daily tasks ... Knives Knives Kitchen knives with a high quality for high demands that makes preparing meals a special experience. Knife Blocks and Holders Knife Blocks and Holders A knife block is made for the correct storage of valuable knives. Even while cooking a knife-block ... Knife Sharpeners Knife Sharpeners For lasting sharp knives the sharpening with a high quality sharpening steel is essential. Sharpen y ... Fondue Fondue A fundue (french: fondu - molten) usually was a dish of molten Cheese which comes from Switzerland. Freshness extender boxes Freshness extender boxes Food boxes and bowls with an aroma cover are handy kitchen aids and shouldn’t be missing in any ... Breadbaskets Breadbaskets Breadbaskets and bags for bread are perfect to serve or to carry sliced bread, baguette, croissants ... Wall / kitchen clocks Wall / kitchen clocks Hours do not strike for a happy man? This is not quite true when it goes about delightful cooking ... Scissors Scissors Now cooking and doing your household duties has become easier. Without any additional efforts you ... Trays and serving accessories Trays and serving accessories A tray is more than just a flat working tool . You can not only carry cups, plates and other table ... Biscuit Tins and Cookie Jars Biscuit Tins and Cookie Jars Biscuit tins protect baked goods from outside influences and keep the biscuits longer fresh. Biscuit ... Storage boxes Storage boxes Storage containers usually consist of a tin and a cover. They are made of plastic, ceramics or porcelain ... Etageres Etageres Etageres are a must have for every household. Do you want to present your fruits, cookies or chocolate ... Salad bowls and accessories Salad bowls and accessories Summertime is salad time because light cooking is the matter. Whether green salads, fruits, potatoes ... Cake and pie plates Cake and pie plates A variety of cake serving plates can catch your imagination. Rectangular, round and oval forms are ... Kettles Kettles A great number of water kettles' and whistling kettles' design is based on historical models, but made ...