Kitchen aid and tools

Kitchen helpers for the modern housewife.

Useful kitchen aids are for example cookie cutters, pastry brushes, whisks, mallets, potato masher, kitchen strainers, mills, cutting boards, shakers or meal coasters. Hey shouldn’t be missing in any household. They are unavoidable to make working, baking and cooking in one household succeed. To complete your kitchen aids we recommend noble porcelain, glasses or cutlery!

Pastry brushes Pastry brushes A pastry brush is used to brush the baking dish or the baking tray. To avoid the bake ware or the cake ... vinegar and oil cruets vinegar and oil cruets Elegant vinegar and oil cruets belong to the most favourite kitchen accessories. Vinegar and oil b ... Kitchen strainers Kitchen strainers The shape-keeping kitchen strainers of our suppliers are perfect for puring, straining, blancing of fruits, ... Mills Mills Good quality mills are notable for their longevity and for their durable grinders. Salt and pepper ... Spatulas Spatulas A spatula is a kitchen tool for the turning of a food product in the pan. The spatulas have a special ... Pizza Cutters Pizza Cutters A pizza cutter is a circular knive which is attached to a handle. It's normally used to cut pizza. Mixers and Tools Mixers and Tools Whisks to stir cremes and sauces, Flat whisks to stir or to fold in, beating whisks to beat up cream ... Salad servers Salad servers For healthy nutrition salads are strongly recommended as they are usually rich in vitamins. To pre ... Cutting boards Cutting boards Cutting boards are necessary for chopping and cutting meat, vegetables, bread, fruits and other products. Shakers Shakers Decorative shakers for salt, pepper, sugar or spices are real eye-catchers on the shelf with spice ... Soup ladles Soup ladles Not only for the feast-soup, also for delishious stews or Goulash a Ladle is essential. For the easy ... Dough scraper Dough scraper Bake a cake…the baker calls! Baking is the icing on the cake in the kitchen. The smell of freshly ... Trivets and Pot bases Trivets and Pot bases Elegant por coasters which can easily be folded and perfectly fit into every cutlery drawer we can offer ... Cake Servers Cake Servers The smell of freshly baked cake fills the air and makes you hungry for the first piece. Cake servers ... Carving sets Carving sets Carving sets belong to the category of serving cutlery and consist of a meat fork and a carving knife ... Serving Cutleries Serving Cutleries The feast is laid on the dinner table and the guests will admire the delicious meat and vegetable dishes. Tongs Tongs To present your delicious food with style we recommend you to use suitable tongs, a great selection ...