Kahla Porcelain

Kahla Porcelain - porcelain for the senses

The Thuringian porcelain manufacturer Kahla is known for innovation, individualism and multifunctional product design. Instead of stiff table etiquette, the products of Kahla adapt to the living condition and the delightful usage of porcelain.

Kahla pro ÖKO

With the quality seal KAHLA pro, Kahla communicates its engagement for sustainability at the location Thuringia: Pollutant porcelain made out of natural raw materials, made Germany, fair and social.
Complete your Kahla Porcelain with matching cutlery, glasses and table linen!
Kahla remaining stock Kahla remaining stock Innovation, individuality and multifunctional design are hallmarks of the porcelain manufactured by ... Kahla Abra Cadrabra Kahla Abra Cadrabra Enjoyment is no magic! Abra Cadabra transforms according to your Gusto. From the little bowl with lid ... Kahla Aronda Porcelain Kahla Aronda Porcelain With the clear and simple design leaves the timeless beautiful shape a lasting impression. The trademark ...

Kahla - porcelain for the senses

Take a look behind the scenes of the Thuringian porcelain manufacturer Kahla. In this video, we show you how the different plates, cups and mugs were made.

Kahla Belle Étage Kahla Belle Étage With twelve different serving stands Kahla breathes new life into the popular set item. The &eacut ... Kahla Blau Saks - Indian Blue - Strawflower Pattern Kahla Blau Saks - Indian Blue - Strawflower Pattern The strawflower pattern is an undisputed classic of porcelain . The manufacture of Blue Saks or In ... Kahla Café Sommelier Kahla Café Sommelier Kahla has created  its porcelain Café Sommelier collection to highlight the pleasure a ... Kahla Cumulus Kahla Cumulus The Kahla Cumulus porcelain makes free room for experimentation with it's thickened program. The Kahla ... Kahla cupit - Magic Grip Kahla cupit - Magic Grip One-way mugs were yesterday! Now Kahla presents a To Go Mugs cupit collection and an innovative Ma ... Kahla Diner white Kahla Diner white Classical white porcelain tableware is now offered by Kahla Diner white. Round shapes of this time ... Kahla Elixyr Kahla Elixyr The Kahla Elixyr shape combines symmetry and asymmetry. With this exclusive combination of differe ... Kahla Five Senses Kahla Five Senses Kahla Five Senses white porcelain is sensual in the design and sensible in function. That geniality ... Kahla Kiddie Tableware Kahla Kiddie Tableware Kahla provides with the series Kiddie Tableware lovingly designed children's sets with motifs from fairy ... Kahla Magic Grip Kahla Magic Grip Magic Grip series brings an innovated design of porcelain items produced by Kahla . Items of Magic ... Kahla O - The better place Kahla O - The better place The O collection offers innovative tableware by Kahla. A precise kink divides O into two areas: one ... Kahla On Tour - Boat Porcelain Kahla On Tour - Boat Porcelain Developed especially for the needs of sailors , yacht as well as motor boat owners . Kahla brand offers ... Kahla Pronto Colore Kahla Pronto Colore The handy, beautiful bistro porcelain Pronto with extra thick shards comes as Kahla Pronto Colore in ... Kahla Pronto white Kahla Pronto white Feel at home like in the holidays. The beautiful Bistro dishes Kahla Pronto white has a southern charme ... Kahla Pronto We Make Blue Kahla Pronto We Make Blue The blue porcelain pattern of the We Make Blue collection is a special adornment on dishes. The pa ... Kahla Rosella Onion Pattern Kahla Rosella Onion Pattern Kahla porcelain normally stands for very modern and colorful porcelain series. The Kahla Rosella is ... Kahla Salt Made Kahla Salt Made A decor for individualists is offered by Kahla with the new Salt Made collection. Influenced by earthy, ... Kahla Touch! Kahla Touch! Kahla Touch is the first porcelain with a velveteen surface decoration and promises a fascinating touch ... Kahla Update Kahla Update Kahla Update is a versatile, stackable porcelain series for the eating habits of today. Pure simplicity, ... Kahla Christmas Kahla Christmas Take a look at the current Christmas decorations from Kahla. The Kahla Christmas dishes give your A ... Kahla Magic Grip Wildflower Kahla Magic Grip Wildflower Wild flowers decorate Kahla's charming tableware collection. Plates in different colours lend a special ...