Hutschenreuther Anniversary Collection 200 years -Blue Passion porcelain

For the 200th anniversary Hutschenreuther has redesigned the popular décor “Zwiebelmuster”. The design of the “Zwiebelmuster” has been changed according to the latest fashion trends by the Dutch designers Shirley Muijrers and Marty Lamers. The traditional elements of the “Zwiebelmuster” has been preserved, only the surface has got a new interpretation.

By dashed lines and courses some elements of “Zwiebelmuster” have been newly structured. Now the main highlight is on the flowers. Despite these tiny creative changes the character of the décor has been kept unchanged.

A modern tune of colours of silver and blue is developed through massive accents – and Hutschenreuther Anniversary Collection 200 years – Blue Passion receives a shiny look.